Circle the White House November 6th

Another trip to the White House

Unity's Solar Road Trip team at the White House with Bill McKibben last year. photo credit: Adam Welz

Sunday, November 6th in DC

Join the movement to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline


 The Deal:

  • Bill McKibben, personally invites Unity College to join him, President Stephen Mulkey, and over 3,000 others for this Tar Sands Action at the White House.
  • Maine climate organizers are chartering a bus to DC for this historic action.
  • Bus travels overnight to and from DC.
    • Bus leaves Maine Saturday evening, November 5th.
    • Bus returns to Maine early Monday morning, November 7th.



2 thoughts on “Circle the White House November 6th

  1. from:

    What’s the plan exactly?

    On Sunday, November 6th at 2 p.m. we are expecting thousands of people will join us in rallying at Lafayette Park in front of the White House. At the rally we’ll get into teams that will form a human circle about a mile in circumference around the White House—we’ll be sending a message to Obama that we will hold him accountable to his own promises and that we are still committed to seeing the Keystone XL Pipeline stopped for good. We expect people to remain civil and peaceful, acting in a dignified manner that is as serious as these issues are. We will hold the circle for as close to an hour as we can, and then re-gather for a farewell. We’re expecting this action to be a powerful visual reminder to Obama and administration officials that we are expecting him to reflect the values he was elected on in 2008, and stand up to Big Oil by denying the KeystoneXL pipeline.

    We are also working on an event for Nov 5th that will hopefully include speakers, networking opportunities for participants to build the climate movement across the country, and training to build our capacity as organizers in our own communities.

    What are the legal issues involved with this action, and what support is provided?

    We have a permit for the rally, and are working with Park Police on the encircling o the White House. As of right now we are expecting that there will be no need for civil disobedience, and don’t intend for arrests to be any part of this demonstration. While we support civil disobedience as a tactic, this is not the goal or tone of this demonstration. Please be sure to sign up on our page so that you can receive the most up-to-date information. We will have event marshals to facilitate the action and de-escalate any issues with police or passerby’s.

  2. It is TIME to encircle the White House…..not circle our wagons… is time to show our Numbers…in washington…….Peace….ch & Soleil

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