Get the Garden Going!

There is a lovely plant bed next to Unity College‘s renowned Terra Haus. I spoke with the plant bed earlier this week, and the plant bed expressed its desire to provide a home for crops that will be fed to Unity College students.

Hmm… Yes, it is November in Maine. What can we plant? What will survive the rugged conditions Maine’s winters have to offer?

Well I’m glad you asked! The organism strong enough to survive Maine’s winters is the same organism that prevents vampires from sleeping at night. That’s right, I’m talking about Allium sativum, also known as common garlic by some folk. The garlic will stay dormant over the winter and start growing in Spring.

Today on November 2, 2011, 24 garlic cloves were planted.

This is the original plant bed

Terra Haus plant bed

And here is the section of the plant bed containing 24 garlic cloves and covered by a couple inches of mulch!

11/2 garlic planting

Gardening is extremely fruitful, pun completely intended.

Not only does the art of gardening teach us many things about life, bring us delicious food, and provide us with some exercise, it also is a sustainable alternative to buying grocery store produce.

Food Mileage – How much energy it takes for your food to reach your plate

How much energy does it take to pay a farmers to grow acres of crops, buy farming machinery that can work acres of land, water acres of crops, fertilize acres of crops, harvest the crops, ship the crops to supermarkets, keep an office building running with electric and water, and pay each employee who works in every aspect of the agribusiness?

How much energy did it take for me to borrow a wheelbarrow, a hoe, scrap wood, mulch, and extra garlic cloves?

This Friday at 3:00pm more garlic will be planted. E-mail if you are interested in helping!!

What we will do:

  • Till soil
  • Remove rocks
  • Remove weeds
  • Plant garlic cloves
  • Mulch

We will have lots of fun outside and we will get some good exercise.


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I love gardening, composting, and everything about plants and fungi.