Student Take on Tar Sands Action

Unity’s students are participating in the November 6th Tar Sands Action at the White House for many reasons.  Of course, the science compels the college to support student involvement in the effort.  We also recognize the great educational value in this type of civic engagement; our students are teaming up with thousands of others to connect what they’re learning in their classrooms in our small corner of rural Maine to global issues with real environmental, social, and economic impact.

As President Mulkey documented his reasons for joining the upcoming White House demonstration, we’ll also post thoughts from our students on the trip here at the Sustainability Monitor.  One such student, Dave Maar, is making his second trip to DC this year to add his voice to the mix.  Dave’s done a bit of information gathering on Tar Sands development which you can read up on in this short paper and at his blog

Of the upcoming trip, Dave wrote:

I am taking part in the protest on November 6th against the Keystone Pipeline XL, because the American public needs to know what destruction the pipeline will cause, environmentally and economically.

Stay tuned for more from the Unity team headed to DC.


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