Caught Green Handed: Jonah and Tasha

From student sustainability sleuth Patricia S.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been on the lookout for students, staff, and faculty practicing sustainability on campus. As a Unity College student, I’ve noticed that we are more inclined to be more sustainable. That is a big reason as to why we’re all here right?

By recognizing these sustainable good deeds on campus, I’m hoping that more and more people will do the same. It’s easy to be ‘green’ and our small actions have a bigger impact.  Let’s kick off our Caught Green Handed series with Jonah and Tasha.

Jonah and Tasha - Caught Green Handed

These two Unity College freshmen have vowed to never buy products made with palm oil.

Palm oil is one of the world’s leading agricultural commodities, is widely used as a food ingredient and cooking oil. Vast plantations that grow oil palm trees have contributed to the destruction of the rainforest and wildlife of Southeast Asia — a critical habitat for the orangutans found there. Look at what you buy and the ingredients. If enough people don’t buy palm oil products, maybe these industries can use other means of oil that does not destroy vast lands of rainforests and the species that inhabit them.


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