FFA Partnership Grows Chickens for Hunger Relief

During Spring Break, an unusual package arrived in the mail.  It was a shoe-box sized parcel, with several air holes on each side.  It filled the post office with a surprising amount of noise for its size.  Chirping to be precise.  That chirping heralded the beginning of a Spring project and an exciting new partnership.

In February of this year, the Waldo County Technical Center FFA chapter, in partnership Unity’s Collegiate FFA, was awarded a grant to complete a collaborative project  called “Pastured Poultry for Food Security.”

The support for this project comes from the National FFA Organization’s Food For All grant, which is funded by Farmers Feeding the World and the Howard G. Buffet Foundation as part of the FFA’s ongoing commitment to service learning as a means of both developing future farmers and positively impacting communities.  (Learn more about the FFA’s Living 2 Serve program here.)

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The “meat” of this project, if you’ll pardon the pun, is to grow broiler chickens (grown for meat, not eggs) that will be used to support  hunger relief efforts in Waldo County, namely the Volunteer Regional Food Pantry (VRFP) in Unity and the Belfast Soup Kitchen in Belfast.

FFA students from Unity College and Waldo County Technical Center (WCTC) are working together to develop management plans, deliver animal care, and learn more about how local agriculture can work to improve food security.  Because the project will have both Spring and Fall rounds featuring different breeds- students will study the health, efficiency, and other factors in a breed comparison.

Student leader and Unity FFA vice-president, Shayne Van Leer, is spearheading the on the ground portion of this project.  Additionally, his  research and  recommendations were used to estimate project costs and draft the grant application.  He developed a chick brooding habitat (in the new animal care room), care protocol, and plans to transition the birds to the barn and then chicken tractors once they are large enough to be put out on pasture.  The pasturing of these birds will take place at Unity College, because there isn’t the space or weekend supervision at WCTC.

Luckily the College has some lovely pasture and our residential campus will give student care-givers access to the animals 24/7.  WCTC students will visit the birds periodically, build chicken tractors with UC students, and take part in the delivery of chicken to  local hunger relief agencies that have a need for additional sources of healthy protein for their clients.  WCTC students will also get treated to a tour of campus and some Q&A with our real, live, down-to-earth Unity College students; this project isn’t just about chicken!

In the community, students will also have the opportunity to advise the VRFP’s poultry class for food pantry clients, which occurs in May.  (An overview of the VRFP’s educational and special programs here.)

We are so thrilled to have another reason to collaborate with the WCTC students, learn how to manage poultry in a hands-on way, and continue to support hunger relief efforts with healthy food.  Thanks to the National FFA Organization and the Food For All project sponsors for this opportunity.  And readers, keep an eye on the Sustainability Monitor for updates.


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