Unity College students are exploring resource use through the gamification of education.  First-year seminar students in the Unity Experience course will imagine the impacts of peak oil and develop meaningful community responses while earning points and winning prizes through the game spOILed.

Unity Experience instructors have borrowed (with permission) from the existing game, World Without Oil, and tailored it to work for Unity College students exploring real environmental challenges. “We could focus on pollution, on biodiversity, on access to fresh water, on the climate crisis. The point of the game is to make you think about resource use, ” said Sarah Cunningham, the Unity Experience instructor leading the development of the game.

According to the SpOILed site, “learning objectives for the SpOILed game include:
  • Understand the causes and contexts of a key environmental issue (sustainable living)
  • Develop personal perspectives on a key environmental issue (sustainable living)
  • Participate in campus and community initiatives related to that issue
  • Characterize the complexity of environmental issues by employing systems thinking and approaches that go beyond traditional disciplines
  • Plan, strategize, and solve problems
  • Appreciate the value of diverse people and ideas
  • Value multiple perspectives by seeking out other views and by active listening
  • Make meaningful connections with campus and community
  • Information literacy:
    • Define and articulate the need for information
    • Identify a variety of types and formats of potential sources of information
    • Retrieve information online or in person using a variety of methods”

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