Student Carbon Accounting

acupcc-logoThis fall, student volunteer Clark Crawford took a crash course in carbon accounting with the Sustainability Office.  Clark now knows more about Unity’s commitment to the ACUPCC (read more below), our Climate Action Plan, and the function of our greenhouse gas inventory than any student at Unity.  Go ahead . . . ask him the gwp of CH4. By way of reminder, here’s Clark’s take on Unity’s approach to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC).

The ACUPCC strongly believes, that colleges and universities who show leadership in education toward climate change, will reduce their long-term energy costs, attract excellent students and faculty, gain new sources of funding, and strengthen support from alumni and local communities. The Commitment presently has more than 670 colleges and universities that participate. These colleges and universities believe, that not only is it important to gain climate neutrality, but it is also important to put emphasis on education and outreach. By integrating sustainability into their curriculum they will better serve their students and create a more ethical and thriving society.

Unity College adopted the ACUPCC  on July 1, 2007 and recognized the need for the reduction of global emissions of greenhouse gasses. Unity understands that the long-term benefits will outweigh the short-term challenges that can be associated with reaching climate neutrality. Since 2007, the college has undertaken a comprehensive curriculum redesign through the Academic Master Plan, has conducted a full energy assessment of campus buildings, restructured its budget process, launched a reaccreditation self-study, and hired personnel key to the development of the Climate Action Plan. By using the Presidents’ Climate Commitment Unity is on its way to carbon neutrality and is projected to be there by of before 2025.

Thanks, Clark, for teaming up with us this semester.


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