Tar Sands Rally Jan. 26


Unity College is joining the Northeast Tar Sands Free rally in Portland, ME this Saturday, January 26th. President Stephen Mulkey (who previously joined the Tar Sands action to Circle the White House) will be a featured speaker at the event. This action is being coordinated by the Natural Resources Council of Maine, 350 Maine, Environment Maine, and the Sierra Club.

Click on the image above for details of the event.  And for more resources on the climate and environmental impacts of tar sands oil, see 350 New England’s Tar Sands Tool Kit.

If you’re a Unity College student and want to join us on Saturday, read on and REGISTER WITH THE SUSTAINABILITY OFFICE to secure a seat in the van:

Saturday Schedule

  • 11:30am – Marchers meet at Monument Square, Portland
  • 12:30pm – March to Maine State Pier
  • 1-2pm – Rally at Maine State Pier
  • 5-5:30pm – Arrive at STUDENT ACTIVITIES BUILDING

*Participants are responsible for their own food throughout the day’s events.
*It will be COLD on Saturday and we could be outside for up to 5 hours. Dress warmly. Current predictions are for a high of 23 F, partly sunny.
*We will make every effort to return to campus with enough time for meal plan students to have dinner at Wyman Commons.


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