Unity launches MOOMilk

Unity students returned to a frigid, but bustling campus last weekend eager to start their first classes of 2013.  As they poured through the doors of Wyman Commons for their first lunch of the semester, students were greeted with exciting news.  After a longtime connection to the innovative dairy company MOOMilk, Unity College Dining Services was able to become the company’s first institutional purchaser.

“Hey, I was in a class about MOOMilk,” said a student who had taken part in a  marketing course that used MOO as a case study.

What did our students have to say?  “Well, it tastes like…milk.”  “Yeah, but this is organic.”  “Where are the farms that it came from?”  “When are they going to make chocolate?”  “Finally!”  “Explain what it means to not be ultra-pasturized.”  “MOOOOOO!”

Later that day, community members joined students for a screening of Betting the Farm, which documents the bootstrap story of the company and follows the inspiring work of MOO’s farmers.  The film has been a useful tool in building understanding among the College community about why purchasing MOOMilk makes sense for us.

Unity College folks see themselves in the story of MOO: resilient, innovative, cutting edge, and mission driven.  As President Mulkey said following the screening at CIFF, this is also a story that could only happen in Maine.  We celebrate this decision with a sense of place and an unwavering commitment to environment.  Like all pioneers, we’re mostly dreaming about the next steps to grow our investment to the local food system, in a way that builds connection to our sustainability science curriculum.

However, we also have a tiny bit of curiosity about which institution will be the next to serve MOOMilk.

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