Welcome Barn Manager

We’re thrilled to welcome back Megan Anderson, ’09 as Unity College’s new Barn Manager.  Meg brings a wealth of experience in animal and vegetable agriculture having exhausted the western Waldo County farm circuit before landing in international sales at Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Meg raises her own goats, rabbits, chickens and more right here in Unity, and has wasted no time identifying breeds to best meet our educational and operational goals.

Megan Anderson

As you know, the campus animal barn has undergone some recent renovations in preparation for adding college-owned livestock to campus, and Meg’s here to make sure we do it right.  Over the summer, she’ll finalize barn renovations, develop a rotational grazing fence system, and prepare safety and management protocol for effective use of the barn. When she’s not in the field this summer, you might catch her in the Sustainability Office during this planning phase.  Look for her in her new barn office in the fall . . . . she’s the one with two legs (no wings).

Welcome, Meg.  We’re so glad you’re on the job.


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