Campus Livestock Update

This post from new Barn Manager Meg Anderson with some brief details on campus animal planning.

“First, I want to thank the Faculty and Staff for welcoming me back to my alma mater with open arms, I can’t imagine working in a place where I felt more at home than I do here at UC.  I am so encouraged by the changes I see around campus and the ever-evolving curriculum. I feel very fortunate to be an integral part of the revitalization process.

Click for more barn photos

Click for more barn photos

The sustainability staff is thrilled to relay that projects surrounding the completion of the livestock barn are filled with energy and support from all members of the UC community.  After the completion of the barn renovations and permanent perimeter fencing (slated for completion in early August) we will be bringing in some of New England’s signature breeds including Katahdins – a hair sheep originally bred by Michael Piel in Northern Maine in the 1950’s and Delaware dual purpose chickens – developed by George Ellis in the 1940’s in, you guessed it, Delaware!

We will also be introducing a small herd of San Clemente Island goats, one of only two registered herds in the state of Maine and 4 out of less than 500 animals in existence. San Clemente goat populations are considered ‘Critical’ on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy’s Conservation Priority list. Also on the ALBC Conservation Priority List as a ‘Threatened’ breed originating in the United States, a pair of Silver Fox rabbits will make themselves at home in the barn to provide insight into small breed management practices.

Please feel free to contact me at manderson[@] if you have any questions or concerns regarding the campus farm or just want to chat, I’d be happy to!”


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