Kids Rock! more news from the barn

After many hours of cold days and sleepless nights, our San Clemente Island Goats (Minnie and Tazzy) finally delivered their kids at the Unity College Barn.  Magpie (Minnie’s daughter) came into the world on Friday November 29th – one of the coldest days we’ve had so far.  Loon (Tazzy’s daughter) joined her 5 days later and came into the world hollerin’!  Both Tazzy and Minnie have proven themselves as attentive mothers and required little assistance during the kidding process.

We are pleased to be able to dedicate space in our barn to the conservation and restoration of this lovely breed.  The births of these two SCI goats are significant as the population was recently recorded at approximately 600 registered animals worldwide.  We count Magpie and Loon as two great successes in the establishment of our campus animal facility.

Photo and videos updates of the girls can be found on the Unity College Sustainability Facebook page.  To schedule a visit, please contact Meg Anderson, Barn Manager, via email:


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