Its about time: more companies committing to 100% renewable power

In a press release this week, Amazon became the latest tech company to commit to 100% renewable power.  Apple, Facebook, Google, SalesForce, and Box have already stated that they intend to achieve a goal of procuring100 percent renewable energy.   Apple is the largest private owner of solar facilities in the US.

Its the wave of the future for economic, environmental, and marketing reasons.  Eventually this wave will result in fossil fuel investments becoming de-valued ‘stranded assets’, solving the perceived CO2 climate crisis.

While Google, Facebook, Box and Salesforce are predominately software companies, Amazon’s massive e-commerce operations make it a prime candidate for sustainability efforts.

As prices for solar, wind and other renewables continue to fall, large companies in industries like retail — such as IKEA and WalMart— have also announced major initiatives to add rooftop solar.  Projected ongoing increases in the price of electricity in 2014-15 add additional economic incentive to the mix.

If major companies with huge power needs can do it, the question is, when will the first college campus announce 100% renewable power generated on its own campus?


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