A hybrid what?!? Domestic hot water options for Mainers

There are great options when making choices for your future domestic hot water – and none of them include fossil fuels.  Even better, the cost of equipment for non-fossil fuel hot water almost always qualifies for rebates from Efficiency Maine.   If your hot water heater is in need of replacement, don’t fall for the recommendation from your oil or propane dealer to replace it with their fossil fuel fired equipment!   Go electric or hybrid especially if you can combine it with solar at some time in the future.   Save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

In the table below, note the new technology called ‘hybrid electric hot water’ which is a heat pump augmented with electric back-up.  A hybrid water heater can reduce your hot water bill by 30% to 50%.  Substantial rebates from Efficiency Maine and sometimes additional rebates from retailers can greatly reduce the cost of a hybrid water heater.  Note that hybrid water heaters are expected to be the domestic water source in the new Unity 2 residence hall.

Equipment costs are not listed here because the technology and costs are evolving and the rebates change frequently.

A cost comparison of domestic water heating options for Maine
example annual cost of
 description cost, family of 4 energy (units)
1 solar with electric hybrid water heater back-up $                   180 0.14 KWH
2 solar with electric back-up $                   210 0.14 KWH
3 solar with oil boiler coil back-up $                   225 3.20 gal
4 electric hybrid hot water heater $                   525 0.14 KWH
6 standard electric hot water heater $                   725 0.14 KWH
7 propane (instantaneous tankless water heater) $                   700 2.90 gal
8 oil (direct fired tank storage) $                   735 3.20 gal
9 oil (direct fired internal coil heater) $                   835 3.20 gal
10 propane (direct fired tank storage) $                   900 2.90 gal
adapted from Efficiency Maine (http://www.efficiencymaine.com/at-home/home-energy-savings-program/water-heating-cost-comparison/)



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