Campus Energy Assessment

Thermal Image of Constable Hall

Through a program partnership with AASHE and the Rocky Mountain InstituteCampus Sustainability Fellow Dr. Anne Stephenson has worked part-time this past year to develop a comprehensive energy assessment of campus buildings. This energy efficiency plan shows how Unity College can best direct resources for low-cost energy-saving projects. If implemented, it will help the college save money over the long-term and reduce campus emissions. Annie has undertaken a comprehensive evaluation working closely with faculty, staff, and students to develop this plan. Next steps for this work include integration of energy conservation measures into campus facilities upgrades and academic offerings, pilot of appropriate campus projects, and identification of funding sources for implementing various aspects of the plan.

Click the links below to read sections of the completed campus energy assessment (PDFs).

Unity College Energy Efficiency Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. Energy Use by Building
  3. Administrative Buildings
    1. Constable Hall
    2. Health Center
    3. Library
    4. Outdoor Adventure Center
    5. Welcome Center
  4. Classroom Buildings
    1. Koons Hall
  5. Mixed-Use
    1. Coops (North and South)
    2. Maintenance Building
    3. Student Activities Building
  6. Off-Campus Residential Buildings
    1. Director of Residence Life House
    2. White House
  7. Residence Halls
    1. Cianchettes (Blue, Gold, Green, and Red)
    2. The Cottages (A through F)
    3. Eastview Hall
    4. Maplewood Hall
    5. Westview Hall
    6. Wood Hall
  8. Summary Recommendations
  9. Policy Recommendations
  10. Next Steps

Appendix A:         Energy Saving Measures by Type

Appendix B:         Energy Saving Measures with a Payback Period of 7 years or Less

Appendix C:         Resources for Policy Generation and Campus Conversation


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