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From Shayne: A group of Unity College students who are part of the College’s FFA club visited the FFA club of Waldo County Technical Center to collaborate on the current Pastured Poultry for Food Security project that was made possible by the National FFA Food for All Grant. The meeting started out by playing the […]

During Spring Break, an unusual package arrived in the mail.  It was a shoe-box sized parcel, with several air holes on each side.  It filled the post office with a surprising amount of noise for its size.  Chirping to be precise.  That chirping heralded the beginning of a Spring project and an exciting new partnership. […]

Polly Shyka and Prentice Grassi of the Village Farm hosted a small crew of Unity College students over the weekend for a morning full of onions.  Students in the FFA club (which Rae explained to me no longer stands for “Future Farmers of America” — perhaps like “KFC”?), rallied for a Saturday morning excursion to nearby […]