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Some notes from Lorey Duprey, our Dining Services Director, on highlights from today’s lunch: “Tuesday lunch we will be featuring burgers with all local products, including award-winning Raye’s mustard and Northern Girl veggie fries.  So come on in and enjoy your lunch.  Celebrate local foods with an all local burger lunch!” Our delicious lunch included: […]

This Monday, October 24th, Unity College will be participating in the inaugural Food Day!  Food Day is a nationwide event meant to bring attention to current issues that we face with in this country in regards to: diet related diseases from high fat, high sugar and processed foods, food access and hunger, subsidies to large […]

For those of you who can’t tour around Unity with VFA, I suggest you take this virtual tour of our fields to see how we’re progressing.  2011 is gonna be big.  How big?  We’ve got: over 2000 row feet of onions 2000 row feet of potatoes over 1400 row feet of winter squash and pumpkins […]

…and spruce up your spreadsheet.  With the growing season on its way, garden planning is underway!  At Unity that means more than just consulting last year’s crop map to plan for a nice rotation.  It’s a family affair. Dining Services leadership and Sustainability Office staffers put their heads together this week to determine a strategy […]

This past weekend, myself and three other Unity College students attended the Northeastern Food and Justice Summit at Northeastern College in Boston. The conference was put on by a team of  amazing organizations; The Food Project, Student Farmworker Alliance, and Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (COFED) and was sponsored by Real Food Challenge. These organizations united […]

(Continued from previous post.  Reminder that this is a snapshot of sustainability achievements compiled May/June, 2009.) Campus Operations Unity College has among the lowest emissions of any college in the country – 2 metric tons CO2e per FTE in 2008 (average emissions for 100 self-reporting baccalaureate colleges is 9.17 metric tons CO2e per FTE according […]