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Want to get your hands dirty with Veggies For All?  Well… mark your calendar, roll up your sleeves, and dig in! Join us for any of the following service opportunities- and feel free to contact us for more details, to RSVP, or to arrange for travel. September 26 – BIG POTATO DIG day @ our […]

hot stuff! As things heat up- Veggies For All is in full swing, the greenhouse is cranking, and campus is green and busy. The seedling season is officially over now that the fall cabbages have been transplanted, so that makes life a little easier for the team.  One less piece of the puzzle to watch […]

“I look at the world and ask,  ‘What needs to happen?’  Then I see how my passion can fit those needs.” Who said that?  How do we get them working with our team? Sarah Bicknell, a current Sustainable Agriculture student at Unity, has joined the Sustainability Office as Food and Farm Projects Technician for the […]

… is Autumn!  This year we’re getting treated to an especially long and unusually warm season.  Why is Fall so colorful here?  Among other exciting things, harvest time brings community together: meals, service, chores, celebrations, generosity, and activity.  Just when students have hit a groove in balancing studies, work, and play- they’re almost ready for […]

This Monday, October 24th, Unity College will be participating in the inaugural Food Day!  Food Day is a nationwide event meant to bring attention to current issues that we face with in this country in regards to: diet related diseases from high fat, high sugar and processed foods, food access and hunger, subsidies to large […]

For those of you who can’t tour around Unity with VFA, I suggest you take this virtual tour of our fields to see how we’re progressing.  2011 is gonna be big.  How big?  We’ve got: over 2000 row feet of onions 2000 row feet of potatoes over 1400 row feet of winter squash and pumpkins […]