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Wednesday night was the TerraHaus presentation by the Environmental Citizen: Passive House class with guest speakers, the designers themselves, Matthew O’Malia, Alan Gibson, and Ann Kearsley. There was a good turn out of people who attended consisting of students, faculty/staff, and members of the Unity community and surrounding towns. The posters created by Doug Fox’s Environmental Citizen class […]

This spring semester I have had the privilege to be in the Environmental Citizen class that focused on the new Student Passive House, now known as TerraHaus. The class has been focusing on learning the different techniques of building a passive house. This includes: ventilation systems, specifically made walls, windows made to cater to areas […]

 The Campus Master Plan, Unity 2020 (8MB .pdf), is a guide.  Developed with considerable community input, it serves as a snapshot of our values, and a projection of those values into the future as we undertake campus construction, renovation, and changes in land use.  Much of the Master Plan expresses our institution-wide emphasis on sustainability, so it’s […]