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This update on barn goings-on is  from Barn Manager Meg Anderson.  Thanks to all of you for your interest in the campus livestock program.  Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved. *Note: For those of you with a special interest, you can read more about orf and our approach to addressing animal health issues […]

Nearly three years after they committed to do so, the Obama administration is installing solar panels on the White House this week. The administration knows that this is an important symbol to an America desperate for climate leadership. In fact, we told them that in person when a crew of Unity College students teamed up […]

Congratulations to our graduating students!  Tomorrow’s commencement activities are a tremendous public celebration of our focus on sustainability science, and the real achievement of our students in the field.  We know you’ll continue to do great things in your communities. Graduates wearing the green ribbon at tomorrow’s ceremony have signed the Graduation Pledge, which states: […]

Unity College students are exploring resource use through the gamification of education.  First-year seminar students in the Unity Experience course will imagine the impacts of peak oil and develop meaningful community responses while earning points and winning prizes through the game spOILed. Unity Experience instructors have borrowed (with permission) from the existing game, World Without […]