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— This post from Sustainability Assistant Jake M. —  In celebration of Earth Week and to “Get Out of the Landfill,” students sifted through sample bags of trash from each of the residence halls. Each residence had been given the challenge to trash as little recyclable waste as possible over the course of the week. […]

Martin Maines, Unity’s Recycling warrior, has been hard at work developing a range of tracking and reporting systems to really understand our waste diversion rates and campus recycling habits.  The good news, by the tremendous effort of our stellar recycling crew and the support of recycling users throughout campus, our recycling stream is really clean. […]

One Stop Recycling and Free Box Our campus recycling coordinator and waste diversion guru Martin Maines has been working with our student crew and the res. life team to make sure we keep as much stuff out of the landfill waste stream as possible during this spring’s campus move out.  One of these large bins […]